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Anant InfoTech specializes in the business of providing Software Development and Technical Support services to clients in India. While parent organization Anant SoftTech is focused on International Business, Anant InfoTech is established to look after Indian activities of the group. Our expertise lies not only in reducing costs and improving productivity by providing sharp edged technological expertise but also in making relationship with clients to work. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we provide our clients sustainable advantage over their competitors.

Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific needs of our clients. We also ensure that right strategy is followed to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market.


To achieve our objectives - with fairness, honesty and commitment towards our clients. Achieve measurable paths of newer heights as we grow on.


To be a globally respected software development and support organization that provides the best business solutions, not only for today but also for tomorrow, delivered at agreed time and cost.


The values which are integral part of Anant InfoTech.
- Honesty and Transparency
- Commitment
- Excellence

Anant InfoTech Specializes

in the business of providing Software and Application Development with Technical Support services to clients in India.

Application Development

Anant InfoTech is involved in custom software and application development as well as development of software products for Product based software companies.

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Application Migration

This requires years of experience and vast domain knowledge. There is deep expertise with the organisation for carrying migration activities.

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Application Management

We offer software maintenance services under various platforms and frameworks. With 20+ years of maintenance experience, we have tested process to address this critical function.

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Product Development

We work with clients from the stage of concept to development, to support, to deployment, end-support to clients and maintenance of the product inclusive of bug fixations and deployment of patches.

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Anant InfoTech commits and provides the best of software development services. Based on extensive experience achieved over years of work, we provide matured processes, effective communication methodologies, strong project management capabilities and state of the art infrastructure. We have excellent track records of working with our clients which are a result of our commitment and transparency.


Having worked in many technologies and domains over many years Anant InfoTech also has many products of its own to offer to the international markets. The product base cover large intelligent software to small and simple mobile apps. No matter what we build, we shape concepts into products which are or will be extremely useful for the markets.



Microsoft Bing Powered Desktop Search Numbers Are Up 0.8 Percentage Points
comScore today released its monthly analysis of the U.S. desktop search marketplace. Microsoft Sites came second with 21.3 percent (up 0.2 percentage points) while Google Sites led the explicit core search market in January with 63.8 percent of search queries.

Retail IT

Delivery and the new WWW
WWW now stands for "What I want, when I want, where I want it." To succeed, companies must have a complete view of stock at all times and offer services like click and collect, specified delivery times and delivery lockers.

Health IT

Entering a new era of population health
There are important discussions underway to determine what's needed to leverage health data to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs, and to extend those benefits across entire patient populations. Intelligent tools for population health will enable improvements in care quality, clinical outcomes and care cost.


Our major clientele lies in Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Industrial and Cultural bodies. We come with an experience of serving huge corporations in foreign markets over the years in various other verticals as well. Apart from that Anant InfoTech also works very closely to provide technology solutions to SMEs that are looking for cost effective solutions.


Anant InfoTech shall provide software services and solutions that exceed client's expectations and shall ensure consistency in maintaining high quality standards, services and continual improvement in overall quality and performance. The Company shall relentlessly strive to create a unique software development and support environment where each of the team member is aware about essence of quality in software development and support process.