To achieve our objectives - with fairness, honesty and commitment towards our clients, clients and clients

To be a globally respected software development and support organization that provides the best business solutions, not only for today but also for tomorrow, delivered at agreed time and cost.

The values which are integral part of Anant InfoTech.
- Honesty and
- Commitment
- Excellence

Anant InfoTech specializes in the business of providing Software Development and Technical Support services to clients in India. While parent organization Anant SoftTech is focused on International Business, Anant InfoTech is established to look after Indian activities of the group. Our expertise lies not only in reducing costs and improving productivity by providing sharp edged technological expertise but also in making relationship with clients to work. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we provide our clients sustainable advantage over their competitors.

Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific needs of our clients. We also ensure that right strategy is followed to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market.

Why Anant InfoTech?

The most significant part of Anant InfoTech’s skill set is strong know how of various domains like Manufacturing ERP, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail Management, Automobiles, Quality Management, Finance etc. The organisation has undivided attention to Information Technology across various technological generations since 1994. Our business is based on client relationships that are driven by values and commitment. Whenever we do any custom software development, our team act as an extended facility of our client and at no stage the client feels any difference between people sitting next to him and persons working in their development facility with us. During implementation of any of our software product we become integral part of client organization and make the process simple. This is accomplished through our approach towards the business.

  • Commitment to client partnerships.
  • Adopting and improvising upon our software development and service practices and processes.
  • Continuous up gradation of skills of team members.
  • Maturity in process of working with IT companies of North America and Europe
  • Crystal like transparency in all dealings with clients.
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